Our Pipe Band Program

MacIsaac Kiltmakers have a significant number of Pipe Band customers all over North America. Many of our long time customers tell us they like to deal with us because of our ongoing commitment to quality workmanship, attention to details, consistently meeting delivery commitments, and because we have designed a program to help save their Pipe Band money. We would be most happy to discuss this program with you at your earliest convenience. Please feel free to contact us by phone, toll free 1-866-343-4000 or email.

MacIsaac Kiltmakers also have established a fine reputation for performing many alterations, adjustments, and repairs to kilts that were thought to be worn out, and of no further use. Pleasantly surprised is most always the reaction when the old kilts are refurbished and put back into the supply room. We are committed to helping your band, as well. Please feel free to contact us to discuss what the possibilities might be. It doesn?t cost you anything to talk to us.

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What our Customers are Saying

So impressed with the quality

--Scott MacAulay, Director, The College of Piping and Celtic Performing Arts of Canada… a very successful competitive piper and teacher, runs the world famous facility in Prince Edward Island.

I contacted Rosemary and Mac MacIsaac and asked them what they would recommend if I was getting a new MacAulay kilt.  They promptly provided samples of the Ancient Red MacAulay tartan, the Ancient Hunting MacAulay tartan  and  the Muted Hunting MacAulay tartan. After much deliberation I chose to stay with the Ancient Red MacAulay tartan. When I received it, I was so impressed with the quality of the wool, the fit and the promptness of service that I immediately placed an order for the other two MacAulay tartans. I now have my eye on the Modern Hunting MacAulay tartan. When the time comes there is no question as to who I will get to make it for me.. MacIsaac Kiltmakers!”

No detail has been overlooked

--Dr. Angus MacDonald, Isle of Skye, Scotland... one of the best known and most successful and respected pipers in the world.

I still wear my #1 kilt. I can say that it is the best kilt I have ever worn. It is made to an exacting standard and no detail has been overlooked in the making. There is ample cloth to take care of any potential middle age spread which is a far distant threat.”

MacIsaac Kiltmakers is second to none!

--Eric R Horncastle Pipe Major the Fredericton and District Highland Pipes and Drums

“As far as everyone in the band is concerned, MacIsaac Kiltmakers is second to none! We most definitely rank them Number 1 in all aspects of the business. Their commitment to the band has been and continues to be phenomenal, coming through for us time after time when we found ourselves in a crunch with outfitting requirements. As an up and coming and relatively new pipe band, one of our biggest challenges was to get everyone dressed in uniform as quickly as possible. MacIsaacs came through in a big way! They had bolts of our unique tartan specially woven for us, then set themselves to making all our kilts to order. This past season alone, saw them outfit our group with more than 20 kilts in a very timely and professional manner. Without their dedicated efforts, the band certainly wouldn't be where we are today. On a more personal note, I have had a band kilt and a family tartan kilt hand-made by MacIsaacs with the same commitment to the highest quality workmanship and the finest material they have become well known for. I can think of no one better or more qualified to do so. They stand behind not only their product and workmanship, but the service they provide in guaranteeing customer satisfaction. I think I can safely speak on behalf of all our band members, when I say "we highly recommend MacIsaac Kiltmakers for your outfitting needs!" A special thank you to Mac, Rosemary and the MacIsaac Kiltmakers team!!”

WOW!!! They are spectacular!!!

--Diane, Manitoba

Hi Rosemary and Mac;
WOW!!! They are spectacular!!! I took them to band practice this weekend for distribution, and everyone raved about how well made they were; such fine detailed handiwork. The strongest compliments came from a few "experts"...Mr. Fraser, our instructors and our resident highland dance teacher (also a piper mum). I'm sure you've heard these sorts of things before, but it's very exciting for us. Our hard "earned" money has been very well spent! The Winnipeg Scottish Festival is this weekend so that will be my opportunity to gather the new kilt wearers together and get a photo. I'll also get some of the whole band. Now that our kilt juggling is nearly complete, I will start to look at our older kilts to see what repairs could revitalize them. Again, thanks for being so helpful, so easy to work with, and so understanding when I was slow to get measurements to you. ”

Comes with a guarantee

-- Bruce Gandy, Nova Scotia, Canada.. has won virtually every prize in the professional competitive piping circuit, widely known as a performer, composer and teacher.

A Few years ago, I was invited to play at the Glenfiddich Piping Championship and the thought of wearing my old kilt was just not acceptable. I called up Rosemary MacIsaac and arranged to see her that weekend at the games for measuring etc. Her service was friendly, she listened to my needs, and very quickly, I had a great fitting new kilt. I paid my bill and was happy but more so when I heard others comment to me on the nice new kilt that they noticed me wearing. I didn't have to advertise this new kilt, the look itself did the advertising. My own problems created a need for adjustment and that was done very promptly as well. Bottom line, you want a good kilt that will come with a guarantee that you are happy with the look and fit, call up Rosemary and Mac and they will sort you out just fine.”