MacIsaac Kiltmakers have been hand sewing traditional kilts for customers in North America and beyond for many years. Our family-run business uses traditional fabric from Scotland and age-old kiltmaking techniques offering you 100% Authenticity.

Being based in North America means that our shipping costs, delivery times, and currency exchange provide you price and time savings. Feel free to navigate our site for answers to your questions; however, we encourage you to communicate with us directly through email or by calling us at 1-866-343-4000.

Semi-dress: The Argyll Jacket

The Argyll Jacket, whether in black barathea cloth, or the tweed pictured, is most often worn to functions like family gatherings and graduations, or a casual night on the town.

Formal: The Prince Charlie

The Prince Charlie is usually worn at a more formal event like a wedding, black tie affairs or other special events where formal wear is expected.

dress sporran
Celtic belt buckle
sgian dubh
kilts pin


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What our Customers are Saying

Beautiful craftmanship

--Dorothy, Cape Breton, NS & Christopher, Ontario

“Hey Mac,
Christopher played yesterday for Citizenship Canada...10 new Canadians were sworn in, quite the affair... Christopher did a couple of vocal numbers and of course he played the violin and the audience was delighted...but the kilt was the big hit!!! All the new Canadians HAD to have their picture taken with the Celtic Guy! Even Adrianne Clarkson hugged Christopher (he played for her birthday last year) and was awed by the new outfit and asked all kinds of questions as to where the beautiful craftmanship came from. So, KUDOS!!! Have a great day...”

Very thorough and considerate

--Jim, British Columbia

You are a very thorough and considerate fellow. Thank you for taking time to provide such detailed and relevant information. I will follow the links you have provided and will get back to you. You mentioned I should try to coordinate the metals...I agree, though I may not have much choice if I want to use my own sporran, dirk and sgian dubh. The cantle and tassle cones on my sporran are actually silver (antique sporran) and the two knives have brass/carnelian ends. I was hoping to keep most of my other jewellery and accessories in coordination with the look of polished silver. Anyway, I'll take a gander at what you've sent and get back to you shortly. I am excited at the thought of the kilt. This will be my first. Cheers!”

You folks do such wonderful work.

--Kelly MacKellar, Halifax, NS

“I just wanted to let you know that Gregor's kilt arrived early Saturday morning. In fact, it arrived in time for Gregor to wear his brand new kilt to the final Mini Gathering at Citadel Hill on Saturday. The kilt is absolutely beautiful! It fits Gregor perfectly. I must say he looks very handsome and confident in his Ancient MacKellar kilt.

Thank you so much. You folks do such wonderful work. We have always been so pleased with every item that we have ordered from you; from Ainsley's highland dancing attire to Gregor's kilt. We are very fortunate to have such a world class kilt maker right in our own backyard!

I will be sure to send along a photo of Gregor once he has assembled his entire look. Thanks again to you both and to your entire staff.”

Comes with a guarantee

-- Bruce Gandy, Nova Scotia, Canada.. has won virtually every prize in the professional competitive piping circuit, widely known as a performer, composer and teacher.

A Few years ago, I was invited to play at the Glenfiddich Piping Championship and the thought of wearing my old kilt was just not acceptable. I called up Rosemary MacIsaac and arranged to see her that weekend at the games for measuring etc. Her service was friendly, she listened to my needs, and very quickly, I had a great fitting new kilt. I paid my bill and was happy but more so when I heard others comment to me on the nice new kilt that they noticed me wearing. I didn't have to advertise this new kilt, the look itself did the advertising. My own problems created a need for adjustment and that was done very promptly as well. Bottom line, you want a good kilt that will come with a guarantee that you are happy with the look and fit, call up Rosemary and Mac and they will sort you out just fine.”