MacIsaac Kiltmakers provides custom made garments for Highland Dancers of all ages and are meticulous at getting the fit right. Jackets that come in rack sizes, don't fit very many people very well. Most bodies are unique  enough that some adjustment has to be made, which is why our jackets, kilts and hose fit properly. With correct measurements, we can partially  make a jacket to have a fitting either here in our shop, or sent to you where you need to have someone assist you in fitting and then sent it back to us  for finishing. A second fitting is sometimes required. Please be sure that all decision makers (i.e. dance teachers, parents etc) have their input during the fitting process rather than after the garment is done.

Our dancer's kilts, like the men's, are made using only the finest  worsted wool, but in a lighter weight. We add a good sized hem in each hand stitched kilt and interline with cotton canvas, (stitched in by hand) and line  it with black cotton. There are 3 straps and buckles which are also sewn in by hand.

Our vests and jackets are constructed  one at a time (with the pattern drafted for each one) out of 100% cotton velvet. The cut of the jacket features narrow back shoulders, built in gussets and low  back neckline all of which help to make the garment perform and look better when dancing. It is designed to stay put when arms are raised.


Please note: Due to the demand for our outfits, we have had to limit the number of single vest and jacket orders that we do. We supply velvet garments to those who purchase entire outfits and if a jacket or vest needs replacing, you can purchase a replacement.


Whole Outfits

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Child's Jacket
Adult's Jacket

Tartan Hose
Seamfree Whole Diamond

Full Fashioned Whole Diamond (socks only)
Full Fashioned Split Diamond

Be Sure to check out our Highland Dance Tartan Finder for our selections and new designs! 

Sarah McKenna dancing at Cowal in her new outfit by MacIsaac Kiltmakers.


What our Customers are Saying

It fit like a glove...just perfect!

--Stephanie Grant, Antigonish, Nova Scotia.. Former North American, Canadian, and Eastern & Western US Highland Dancing champion.

“When I decided to buy a new kilt I went straight to Mac and Rosemary because they had always been so great to me.  The fittings were easy and very few and when I tried on my finished kilt, it fit like a glove...just perfect!  When it came time to order my socks, Mac sat down with me and helped pick out the best pattern for my tartan.  They were just beautiful when they arrived.  Both Mac and Rosemary put in so much care when making my kilt outfit and I am very grateful.”

The kilt fits perfectly

--Megan Kimsey, North Carolina, USA

"Thank you so much for my gorgeous new kilt!  The kilt fits perfectly and I am so pleased with the way it feels when I dance.  MacIsaac Kiltmakers were extremely helpful and I am already recommending your kilts to other dancers!"

You folks do such wonderful work.

--Kelly MacKellar, Halifax, NS

“I just wanted to let you know that Gregor's kilt arrived early Saturday morning. In fact, it arrived in time for Gregor to wear his brand new kilt to the final Mini Gathering at Citadel Hill on Saturday. The kilt is absolutely beautiful! It fits Gregor perfectly. I must say he looks very handsome and confident in his Ancient MacKellar kilt.

Thank you so much. You folks do such wonderful work. We have always been so pleased with every item that we have ordered from you; from Ainsley's highland dancing attire to Gregor's kilt. We are very fortunate to have such a world class kilt maker right in our own backyard!

I will be sure to send along a photo of Gregor once he has assembled his entire look. Thanks again to you both and to your entire staff.”