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3: Am I buying from a distributor or a genuine kiltmaker?

When you research Kiltmakers on the Internet you will find kilt companies who share many of the same pictures, content, and layout. Many of these companies are simply distributors for large production companies throughout the world. It is often not what they say but what they don't say on the website that becomes significant. It makes it really difficult to find a smaller kilt maker who uses hand-sewn traditional techniques. It is important to ask any of these companies if they make the kilts themselves or distribute for another company. You can only imagine the process involved for minor adjustments, future alterations, repair, or quality imperfections.

Our Response:

MacIsaac Kiltmakers only manufacture and sell their own hand-made heirlooms. We are not distributors for any large scale production company nor do we manufacture for another distributor. All our kilts are made on Cape Breton Island and sold by us throughout the world.