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2: Do I buy a Scotland-made Kilt or a Cape Breton-made Kilt?

The purpose of this question is to determine if there are advantages of buying Scottish or Cape Breton Island. The Scottish kilt certainly originated in Scotland and the Scot's have certainly set the bar for traditional kilts worldwide.

Our Response:

MacIsaac Kiltmakers believe there are advantages to buying a kilt from Cape Breton Island, New Scotland. Firstly, the Scottish kilting techniques have been handed down over the years and MacIsaac Kiltmakers have been trained in the Scottish tradition for over 20 years. Our kilts are all hand-stitched, hand-sewn, and the pleats are all hand-stitched. One advantage of MacIsaac Kiltmakers is that we sew the entire kilt i to control the process that improves the quality, consistency, and ability to meet deadlines. There is also a price and time advantage to shipping kilts from Canada to our North American, Australian, and New Zealand customers.