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1: Do I buy a traditional kilt or a casual light weight kilt?

This is an important question to answer and it is simply a matter of personal choice. To provide you some guidance we can offer you some information. A traditional kilt speaks to tradition and authenticity. Traditional kilts often become heirlooms that get handed down from generation to generation. Customers feel a sense of pride and family nostalgia when they wear a quality traditional kilt. There is a sense of pride wearing a custom kilt stitched by hand. Many people can detect a traditional kilt just by the way it hangs and swings due to the fact that a traditional kilt is generally made out of a tartan in the 13 ounce to 16 ounce range versus a light weight fabric used in casual or fashion kilts.

A casual kilt does not have any connection to the Scottish tradition or clan names. They are light weight and often made of fashion materials such as camouflage and bright coloured fabrics. Casual or fashion kilts are machine made in high production shops.

Our Response:

MacIsaac Kiltmakers take the necessary time to hand-sew quality traditional kilts. Our customers indicate a pride of ownership because of our traditional hand-sewn techniques and the fact of it being made in Cape Breton Island.