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What is a traditional kilt?

A traditional kilt is a kilt made from Scottish worsted wool, using 8 yards of heavyweight tartan cloth, hand stitched, hand pleated, . A kilt made this way using traditional methods preserves the Scottish tradition and preserves the art of traditional kilt making.

There are several reasons why traditionalists prefer this type of kilt versus a light weight or a more casual kilt. It is no secret that a full 8 yard kilt will hang and swing better than the 5 yard kilt as the full 8 yards allows for deeper pleating at the back.

Traditionally, all kilts were fully hand stitched by kilt makers, which is a lengthy process, taking on average approximately 15 hours for one kilt. Customers have often commented on how great it makes them feel knowing that the hands of a kilt maker have hand-stitched their kilt. There is no doubt that, when compared, like for like, a hand stitched kilt is still superior in finish to a machine-stitched kilt. Even though the difference is not noticeable to the untrained eye the difference is still evident to people who understand the subtleties.