Policies, Pricing, and Shipping

How do you price your kilts?

Firstly, please contact us for our price list. All of our kilts are custom made and prices vary. More importantly, we never compromise on quality. Our kilts, like all our products, are made to the highest standards in the industry, both in their materials and in their manufacture and our kilts and outfits are competitively priced. We have never had a customer complain about MacIsaac Kiltmakers? kilts being priced too high.

What guarantees do you offer?

We offer a 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. MacIsaac Kiltmakers built their business by word-of-mouth which is even more important than our 100% Satisfaction guarantee. The last thing we can afford is an unhappy customer speaking poorly about our service and quality. Because of this, you are guaranteed to receive a high quality kilt built to our high standards. We are trusting that you will also tell your friends and family about your kilt outfit, and your experience in dealing with MacIsaac Kiltmakers.

Can I visit your premises?

We would welcome a visit from you at any time. As matter of fact, there is no need to call ahead. Feel free to drop in at anytime, we would be glad to show you our kilt shop.

Note: You may want to call ahead if you are expecting to meet with a particular person from MacIsaac Kiltmakers. We are periodically traveling to Scottish Games and Highland Dance Competitions throughout the year (mostly weekends). Weekdays are typically when a kiltmaker will be present, so please stop in for a chat and a quick demonstration of our work.

No-hassle Returns Policy

From the date of shipment, you have 30 days to evaluate your purchase. Provided it has not been damaged, used, or worn (other than to try on for size) and no labels have been removed, you may return it in its original packaging for an exchange or repair at your discretion.

This applies to all goods EXCEPT those made-to-order (e.g. most tartan products and including cut fabrics) which will be refunded or exchanged only if defective or not conforming to details explicitly advertised on our site. Please note that we will refund our original shipping charges or the costs of your return (e.g. postage or re-import duties) only if the goods are in some way faulty. For other returns you will be responsible for all return costs, including any re-importation duties or other taxes.

Taxes & Duties

In our experience, deliveries mostly arrive without further duties or taxes being charged. But your local customs authorities may charge import duties in individual cases. Like all international retailers, we can take no responsibility for such taxes, or for any goods seized by import authorities due to local regulations. If you are in any doubt, please check with your local authorities before placing any order.

How quickly will my order be dispatched?

Deadlines are extremely important to meet since they are often a result of a special occasion. Let?s discuss the delivery date right away. We do not miss delivery dates once we have put you in our schedule. We have a process that works well and we are happy to share it with you once you have made contact with us.

Can you rush my order?

We often have enough flexibility in our production schedule to accommodate a rush order. We will never compromise another customers delivery date for a second rush order.

If you are at a point in the process where you feel the need for a rush order, we would recommend the following:

  • Decide soon so you can begin the process and so you can be entered into the production schedule. (see 7 steps to buying a kilt )
  • Speak to MacIsaac Kiltmakers to make sure that delivery can be guaranteed.

Note: There are no surcharges for a RUSH order unless kilt fabric has to be expedited from our weavers.

Will my package have Tracking?

Some delivery services such as FedEx offer online order tracking, but this is not available with free or lower priced shipping methods. If you select such a service we will email you the tracking number at the time of dispatch. You will also find this information in our Club Members' section - register or log-in at the top of any page, using the same email address used for your order.