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Measuring and Ordering

Will it fit when it arrives?

The short and absolute answer is, ?yes?. We take the measuring function extremely seriously. It is the backbone to ensuring we receive accurate measurements and appropriate information. You will realize very quickly if you research other kiltmakers on Internet that MacIsaac Kiltmakers has invested a lot of time and resources into ensuring the highest degree of measurement accuracy. We guarantee it 100%.

What happens when I lose weight or gain a few inches?

The kilt is without a doubt one of the most versatile and forgiving garments that exist today. Our kilts are made using the traditional methods built into the design which will allow for adjustments that will accommodate weight loss, weight gain, or possibly even weight shift. The buckles also provide room for adjustment, so please don?t ever feel threatened by future shifts or changes in your body. MacIsaac Kiltmakers have performed some miraculous accomplishments for many, many people who thought that their ?old kilts? couldn?t be worn again. These future adjustments can be accommodated if the kilt is originally constructed using the traditional kilt making methods so please keep this in mind when deciding who will have benefit of your kilt order.