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How many tartans are available?

This is a great question that deserves an answer that is usually difficult to find. There are well over 4000 tartan designs that are registered. However, there are only about 500 tartans that have ever been woven. You are often led to believe that you can pick any of these 4000 tartans for your kilt, which is not quite true. They are available?.technically, but you often must order a significant amount of tartan that results in higher costs and extended wait times. There are advantages to choosing a tartan that is already woven, but only a quick contact with the weavers will determine this so, please ask us, we would appreciate the opportunity to help in your research and decision making process .

That being said, we do offer a special weave service whereby MacIsaac Kiltmakers can have special tartans designed, woven, and registered uniquely for you and your family. Please don?t hesitate to ask us, we would be most happy to help you determine the possibilities available to you.