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How do I choose the right kilt outfit?

Highland Wear styles depend on the type of functions where you intend to wear your kilt. Kilt outfits are distinguished by the style of jacket worn, and although the kilt remains constant, the overall look of the entire outfit can take on a number of different looks. The most common choices are the Prince Charlie jacket which is a more formal look, worn as evening wear or to "black tie"occasions; or the Argyll jacket which is semi-formal day or evening wear, and often thought of as more the equivalent of a two-piece suit or business attire.

The next difference between the outfits is the type of sporran worn with it. There are three main categories of sporrans: Full Dress sporrans, mainly worn with a formal Prince Charlie outfit; Semi-Dress sporrans, suitable for most occasions, perhaps with an Argyll jacket; and Daywear sporrans, which are less formal and can also be worn with an Argyll jacket, sweater, or an open neck shirt.